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Exam results are released throughout the year following each exam series:

June exams- results days in August (GCE: 17 August, GCSE: 24 August from 9:30 – 12:00) in the LIBRARY

Click here for Results Day Arrangements

If you are away from Oxford on results day, click here to find out how to get your results.

Enquiries About Results (EAR)

When results are released the Exam Boards allow a few weeks for students or teacher to make 'Enquiries About Results', these include requesting scripts back or a review of marking, for example. These Post Results Services incur a charge which students usually have to cover. All requests must be submitted through the Exams Office at Cheney School.

Please see Post Results Service Form, Table of Fees for A-Level Enquiries, Table of Fees for GCSE Enquiries. 


Over the academic year GCSE external/public timetabled exams are now only held in November and May-June. These are referred to as an exam season or exam series; i.e. November series and June series/Summer season. The majority of GCSE/GCE timetabled exams are sat in the June series.

Exam entry deadlines are always several months before the actual exams:

June exams GCSE entry deadline in January
  GCE entry deadline in January

Timetables are handed out to students with the date of their external/public exams only. For the summer exams a 'Statement of Entry' is also sent out, to show all units (including non-timetabled units) and subject awards for which a student is entered. This entry information needs to be checked carefully by students and parents/guardians.

At the beginning of Year 9, each student is assigned a four-digit Candidate Number (Exam Number), which will need to be written on every external exam paper and some coursework pieces. This number can be found on all individual external exam timetables and Statements of Entry - Please memorise this number.

Clash exams; if you appear to be scheduled for two or more exams in the same session (am or pm) this is known as a 'clash' . Please click below 'Clash Letter' for information on what to do if you have a clash........

Internal/mock exams for GCSEs are held in January. Internally produced timetables are handed out to students in advance of these exams.

There are also coursework/practical exams called Controlled Assessments in several subjects. These exams are set by the teachers during the academic year. Science practical exams are also referred to as ISAs (Investigative Skills Assignment). Any internal exam dates are set by the teachers and communicated to students in lessons.

BTECs/OCR Nationals

BTEC and Nationals courses are mainly coursework based. There are now external/public timetabled exams for some of these courses. All coursework deadlines are set by the teachers.


It is possible to retake units or an entire qualification in the summer series each year.  The deadline for submiiting the forms has now passed. 

Examination Boards

There are four main Examination Boards (also called Awarding Bodies) - AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. These Exam Boards all offer the full range of subjects, but the courses followed at Cheney are chosen from these Exam Boards by the Head of Department. All the Exam Boards have websites where students and parents can find further information.

Please click below 'Board Name 16-17' for the Exam Board and course code used at Cheney School


Certificates are issued when a GCSE/GCE/BTEC/National course has been completed in full. Certificates are not issued where a 'U' grade is awarded. Each Exam Board issues their own certificates once all EARs have been completed, which is usually a couple of months after the results day. We are only legally obliged to hold these certificates for 12 months.

If certificates are lost then it is the students responsibility to request replacement documents directly from the Exam Board, for which there is a charge of over £30 per certificate.

Please click below 'AQA Exam Records' for information on how to request replacement certificates.

Certificates for exams taken in the summer of 2016 are now available for collection. See below for details.

Exam Access Arrangements

Some students may require additional support when taking their exams. For further information on the support systems in place to help students, click here and scroll to the bottom of this page.

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